Who is Chris Cognac ?

Did I mention that I love wine?

Well, I used to be just a cop who knew a lot of great places to eat (I still am). Then I became a newspaper food critic specializing in “off the beaten path” places to eat that I would find using my “Food Clue’s and Theories” such as “The shittier the location+ the longer its been there= how good it is”..so if a place in some strip mall is the worst location on the planet, and its been open 20 years…I promise you, that place is fantastic!

I ended up judging on Iron Chef America, was on my friend Alton Browns show Feasting on Asphalt , then hosted my own show on the Food Network called the Hungry Detective. I learned a lot about the business and about people during those times, I will tell some of those stories on this blog when the time is right. Oh I still write a magazine column about food on cruise ships called the “Galley Gumshoe” for Porthole magazine, its fun and It gives me a reason to go on cruises.


8 thoughts on “Who is Chris Cognac ?

  1. Hey Chris,

    On Wednesday (23 Feb) I was at Rosy’s Bakery and Cuban Cafe (definitely a place that lives up to your “The shittier the location + the longer it’s been there = how good it is”) and I’m almost positive you walked in. Was that you?

    Also, I wanted to give a shout out to a blog I have started which focuses on finding lunch time eateries in and around El Segundo: http://www.aerolunch.blogspot.com/ I thought Rosy’s was great and I’ll have a review posted shortly. And tips for a new food writer on figuring out novel ways of saying something was delicious?

  2. Chris! Hey buddy, it’s Shelly. Long time, no speak, but hey life is like that. Been a big fan of yours, man. Always was actually. Grindage, dude, grindage. Haha. Just wanted to drop you a line, brother. I’m still in the army, by the way. Loved having you as a roomate and going to Iraq (the first time, LOL!) with you. Stay happy, brother. Much love.

  3. Hi Chris, great blog!

    Thanks for the twitter mention about mealTrain.com! Glad you found the site to be helpful. I would love to connect with you to learn more about your experience. Shoot me an email if you get a minute.

    Founder of mealTrain.com

  4. Hi Chris,
    I used to live in San Pedro and we corresponded briefly about 5 years ago. I loved JayBee’s Barbecue in Compton and Joseph’s Bakery in San Pedro for pizza. I have moved to Polynesia and I dream about my favorite places back home. There is nothing like Chris and Pitt’s here. I’m so tired of rice. I would sell my soul for a souvlaki sandwich on pita with lots of that yogurt sauce or a roast pork sandwich from The Busy Bee in San Pedro (I think they make the best sandwiches on earth). Well, at least I can dream…

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