What’s the deal with this blog?

Alton and I eating a giant burger in Feasting on Asphalt

Its been sometime since I have been on the “foodie scene”. I kind of dropped off the planet for a while, burned out, took a look at my priorities a bit and decided to spend a bit of time just being me! The whole “foodie” thing had become “work” and was no longer fun, so I just took a break.  I have decided that now I am ready to have some fun again, on my terms! I will use this blog to talk about food, chefs, Food TV, etc. I have led a pretty incredible life and gotten to do  some amazing things and meet amazing people. I will post some pictures and tell some stories here..some of you have heard them, some of you were there, some of you have no idea what I am talking about but that’s why I am doing this. This blog will come from the heart, from my soul…not what a producer wants me to say, not what an editor wants me to write, but what I want to write!

Chris Cognac

AKA The Hungry Detective


4 thoughts on “What’s the deal with this blog?

  1. Chris, I raise my glass to your happiness and success as a person and not merely a talent. Thank you for sharing yourself and observations with us.

    1. Thanks….that means a lot…I think this will be a lot of fun…I got some great stories and pics from the whole Food Network time that I will post and tell in the “stories” section once I figure out how to make that section

  2. I enjoyed reading all the stories. You are very talented in many different ways. I will try the spaghetti sandwich.

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