Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap @Togo’s=Nasty

I have been a huge fan of Togo’s ever since I discovered them while at San Jose State University (Togo’s started at SJSU). The quality of the meats, cheeses and bread has always been top notch . I had a craving today and went to the Torrance Togo’s.

 I decided to go for the new Bacon Ranch Wrap to eat something “lighter .” The first clue that it was gonna suck was when the employee out the pre bagged chicken into the microwave . I had them use a spinach tortilla , which was not heated at all and raw, tough and right out of the package . 

The flavor or lack of it resonated it’s nastiness as it destroyed my dream of a delicious lunch . The microwaved rubbery chicken contrasted w microwaved in the morning , cold single slice of bacon to bring shame to all things bacon . It was so bad, I tried to eat half and just tossed it in the trash and ate my Cheetos. 

Next time you go to Togo’s , stick w the good classics, the roast beefs and turkey based subs that Togo’s does so well .


One thought on “Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap @Togo’s=Nasty

  1. I used to get a really good chicken bacon wrap at Subway. The chicken was heated, the cheese melted and the bun was toasted. I know Subway has received some bad press recently, but it was a good sandwich. 🙂

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