Amazing Wet Burrito @ Zacateca’s in Hawthorne 

I love a good wet burrito , I mean hell who doesn’t ! The key factor in a tasty combo of ingredients for the perfect wet burrito is the sauce . If you have a week colorless sauce , it doesn’t matter how good your carnitas or Asada is, the burrito is gonna suck . 

Zacateca’s Mexican restaurant in Hawthorne has some of the best red sauce around . It’s bright and full of flavor! Don’t just take my word for it, go try it ! Also the owner is one of the nicest guys around and really knows how to treat a customer . Maybe you will get lucky and they will have some of the amazing Chile Colorado on special , yum . 

Zacateca’s : 13737 Inglewood Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250


3 thoughts on “Amazing Wet Burrito @ Zacateca’s in Hawthorne 

  1. Looks so good! We call it Enchilada Style when it has sauce all over it. I had not heard of a “wet burrito” before. I’m in Peoria, AZ – too far away – drat!

  2. I’d almost bet you been here before, if not and you ever get the chance, go to Leo’s Mexican Food. I’ve been loving their Wet B&C burrito since the 70’s.

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