Preview of new Cabana’s at Elation Pool 

I am a “Cabana Guy” , I think it’s the best way to enjoy a day at the pool with friends . The Stratosphere is currently in the middle of transforming the old Level 8 pool deck into the Elation Pool. The Stratosphere pulled out all the stops on this , with new surfacing , hot tubs , bar (still under construction) and 8 new Cabana’s.

There are 5 new cabanas and 3 new VIP cabanas located on the east side of the pool with a great view and lots of sun all day . Inside the cabana is a large couch that seats 4-5 comfortably . A table and 3 chairs , plus 2 lounge chairs, a TV and small refrigerator. 6 of us spent the day in one of these and it was roomy! We used to have to rent 2 cabanas , but these are so big we only needed one ! Of course you get great service as well. These cabanas start at $125 on the weekend but spend the extra $25 and you will get 2 delicious apps , a fruit plate and giant pitcher of frozen drinks. It’s a no brainier and the best cabana value in Vegas ! 

The VIP cabana’s are insane! They are HUGE,  with a large outdoor area w 4 couches, 2 tables and a big screen TV. Inside it is air conditioned w multiple couches , fridge and another TV. These cabanas can easily accommodate 15 people (in fact there was a baby shower in one the day I was there.) the VIP cabanas start at $300 but again, it’s a no brainer for the value you get if you have a medium to large group of friends that want to relax and enjoy a day at the pool. 

Look how happy I am with my giant pitcher of “Miami Vice” that came with my cabana , it went really well with the delicious chili lime wings!

Take my advice , if you want a great pool weekend with friends on your next vegas trip , come get a cabana at the Elation pool at the Stratosphere Hotel Casino. Like the pitcher of drinks says it’s gonna be the “best summer ever “


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