Maybe I should start writing again



Okay, it’s been a while since I wrote stuff. A lot has changed, yet some things remain the same. I have done a ton of traveling in support of a program called Coffee with a Cop that started from a simple idea , and is now the largest community policing program in the world.

I lived in Washington DC part time , found some great chefs and restaurants there, watched some great baseball games at Nationals Stadium (Dodgers are still #1) and my world expanded on a more global scale. I my oldest son Matthew is now starting his second year of College at Indiana University of PA and my youngest is playing lot’s of ice hockey. Still married to my lovely wife of 21 years.

I am pushing 50…..I don’t know how the hell that happened, it feels like 1995 still in my mind, but my body tells me otherwise. Still to eat, love to drink a great cocktail and love to cook and travel. I still know my shit when it comes to chef’s, food and dining….I stopped blogging, I didn’t stop living! I feel like a total “foodie OG” because when I started this stuff, blogs didn’t exist, I wrote for a newspaper and the only people talking about food on the internet where a few geeks like me with HTML web pages (Jason Perlow, Doc Sconz, Michael Gerbert). Now everyone is a food critic on Yelp but do they even know the right questions to ask?


So, maybe I will start writing again, it was a lot of fun at times, then ….it was not. Let’s see if I can make it fun again!

(also I am old and can’t figure out the right click spell check on this new windows 10 laptop so don’t get all grammar and spelling police on me)











10 thoughts on “Maybe I should start writing again

  1. Are you still working next to “The Wood” (Neighbor City) for the PD? . Still in SoCal? Chris, my tip, in this day of youtube (example Jack on the Go Show) is to to a YouTube Channel Show and to heck with writing, like where I came from Long Beach , it was a lot easier talking into a filed tape recorder than than hand writing or typing reports. It would be like having your own Hungry Detective TV Show again, plus maybe make a buck or two (saw a read on that some young girl in the Philippines is making over $1 Million dollars a years, just showing off Mattel Co Toys (your city) with just pointing and explaining what it is and what it does, that’s all ,,,just her finger pointing and voice only,,no face time,,I believe (PS I saw that Alton Brown was in Costa Mesa yesterday for his traveling food science show,,,saw his web pictures from it) . Me Ret Det LBPD class 49.

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