Carpe Diem: Don’t be afraid to be a geek and really enjoy things

Photo by Jake Roth
Me, my 2 boys Matthew and Gabriel and Matt's friend Roger before the USMNT Soccer Game- Photo Credit Jake Roth

I am “in love with living”, which is a direct result of an experience I had over 20 yrs ago hunched down at the bottom of a foxhole in a desert on the other side of the globe. I can’t get enough of life itself….I want to “drink it all in” to experience everything I can, to savor the day until its last drop. I waste nothing in life, for me, every day is a quest to check off more stuff from my “been there done that” list. I also believe that if you are gonna do something, do it all the way!

I love cheering for sports, and especially anything to do with the USA. I love dressing up in red, white and blue and getting my “America” on! The United States Men’s Soccer team played a game last night near where I live….so needless to say, I grabbed the boys and we went. Rather than just “go” to the game….we choose to show our support by dressing like “Spastic Uncle Sam’s”. I went to the ghetto soccer store and bought 2 American flags, the boys got some giant red white and blue hats in Prescott AZ during our road trip last week…and to top it off, I scored a sweet American flag shirt from a Mexican vendor in the parking lot for $10.00! We were ready to cheer our boys to victory against Costa Rica and were going for a bit of tailgating action with the American Outlaws supporters group.

A photographer named Jake Roth came and snapped this great photo of us, it pretty much says it all. If you look at our faces, you will see a range of emotions…Joy, Pride, Excitement, Happiness and Anticipation of a great time…You can also see Love, as in the Love for life, my family and my country.

Jake asked me to send him mine and the boys info for a photo caption, which I did…but what was really cool of him, was Jake sent me a link to the photo…and gave me permission to use it in this blog…I think its a great photo, that captures so much, I am thankful to Jake for letting me use, and write about the photo. Its photographers like Jake that bring the world of sports into our homes every day, with great photos such as this…Jake got a great “Karma Boost” for paying it forward and sending me the photo…Thanks Jake!

So, next time you have to opportunity to do something, whether its jumping out of an airplane (which I have done) or running your hands over the stone at an Egyptian Pyramid (which I have not done), or dressing up like a dork and supporting the country you live in at a sporting event,  go for it…drink in the experience and live, you will be that much better for doing it!