All the “Good Stuff”….I got from my Mom!

This is the first Mothers day in recent times that I will be cooking my giant “Mothers Day Feast” for the family Mom’s and my Mom will not be there…You see, she retired and like so many people do when they retire….she moved to Arizona! I was reflecting on my life a bit and thinking that I really have had an amazing life…and I owe it all to my Mom!

My Mom and I with the "Apple Martini's

My Mom was born Louisa Dunbar Tennille in Montgomery Alabama and raised with 3 other sisters who would become very famous in the 1970’s as the “Tennille Sisters” from the Captain and Tennille.

She is honest and so am I…I got that from her.

My Mom always rises to a challenge and is not afraid to lead…just like me…I got that from her.

I am bald, she is not….I got that from her.

My Mom REALY likes Apple Martini’s as we discovered one very funny evening….I like them too, thanks Mom.

My mom has had a taste of fame and so have I…I got that from her.

My Mom is “wacky” and so am I, I got that from her.

I have always respected people for who they are, no matter what choice in life they make…I got that from her.

My Mom laughs a lot, at herself and things around her and so do I…I got that from her.

My Mom is always up for an adventure in life, just like me…I got that from her.

To my Mom, the glass is always half full…so is my glass.

My Mom see’s the beauty in life…and passed that vision on to me!

My Mom is not a great cook, so I was forced to be one…Thanks Mom!

My Mom became a teacher after being a rock star…she will undoubtedly correct the grammar and errors in this blog post…thanks Mom!

My Mom has lot’s of people to love and who love her…as do I, Thanks Mom!

I have added a cheesy 1970’s video from the capt and Tennille Show with George Burns as the Guest…My Mom is in the middle…I added that, so she would see it and laugh…just as I am!

I love You Mom…Happy Mothers Day!

You Son,


5 responses to “All the “Good Stuff”….I got from my Mom!

  1. Ana Maria Fraijo

    WOW….count myself lucky to now say your Mom is my friend. Prescott is a perfect fit for her and we hope to you meet you on one of your visits….Ana Maria, Dan & Stephanie and the Furry Kids, Quigley & Mia

  2. Nancy Tetrick

    I also could list so many “I got that from her” comments! I’ll keep it short—she is a great friend and she raised a very cool son!

  3. Daniele Pettit

    My moved to Prescott in 2001. She’ll love it there. Great video!

  4. Regina Esposito

    That was so beautiful! It really made me miss my Mom even more.

  5. Such an awesome tribute to an amazing lady!! We miss Louisa so much here in So Cal!!!

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