Do you wanna go to Italy for free? Here is your chance!

I have mentioned before how I get tons of press releases, most of which are crap. Every so often I get something really cool so I post it up for all to see and enjoy. This is from Davinci Wines and is a contest for writers, filmmakers and storytellers who have an interest in wine and Italy. I think that several of my Facebook folks fit the bill for this…It looks like an awesome chance to win a great trip…so go for it!

PS I know the PR guy so it is legit!


Four Consumers with One Creative Assignment: Bring to life real stories of Vinci, Italy 

Applications accepted through May 31st for a week-long experience in Vinci, Italy, where DaVinci wines are created

HEALDSBURG, Calif., May 2, 2011 – If you have a way with words — or with images, video or food for that matter — DaVinci wines is looking for you.

The Italian wine brand is searching for writers, culinary aficionados, artists and filmmakers to travel to Vinci, Italy — home to the historic Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, where DaVinci wines are produced — to gather, bring to life, and share stories of the Tuscan town’s dynamic people and place.  Vinci is a small town in the heart of Tuscany made famous by its celebrated son, Leonardo da Vinci. But it’s the stories of today’s Tuscan wine country that DaVinci wines is interested in.

In July, four selected “DaVinci Storytellers” will spend one week in Vinci and will have unparalleled access to rich history from multiple generations of wine grape growers, dynamic culinary experiences with local chefs and insider access to the area’s robust art culture.

DaVinci will send you on the experience and cover the cost of flights, accommodations, meals and activities while in Vinci; each DaVinci Storyteller, in turn, will express their experience in Tuscany using their creative talents. The resulting stories, art or other creations will be shared by the DaVinci Storytellers through their social media networks as well as the DaVinci website and Facebook page, and the media.

“We’re looking for people with a real gift for telling stories through a variety of creative expressions, whether they’re just learning their craft, working as a professional or pursuing it as a hobby,” says Courtney Klipping, Senior Marketing Manager at E&J Gallo Winery.  “They’ll spend a week soaking up creative inspiration in Vinci with the goal of creating short stories, essays, paintings, photographs, recipes, videos — you name it — to share with the world and to bring to life the story of DaVinci.”

Four DaVinci Storytellers will be chosen, one from each of the following categories:

  • Language Arts such as an author, blogger, journalist or poet;
  • Culinary Arts such as a chef, recipe developer, or food stylist;
  • Visual Arts such as photographer or painter; and
  • Documentary such as a videographer or filmmaker

The applicants will be judged in four areas: a personal “pitch” (why they’d make a great DaVinci Storyteller), samples of work, social media influence and summary of experience and endorsements.  A great applicant will not only be talented in their form of creative expression, but also will be creative, inspired and adventurous, passionate about wine and Italian culture and active in sharing their creativity with others via social media.

Now through May 31st applications are being accepted on the DaVinci Facebook page.  To apply and view the official terms and conditions, please visit


3 thoughts on “Do you wanna go to Italy for free? Here is your chance!

  1. What? No Inventor category? Say it isn’t so…
    DaVinci was as more of an inventor than people give him credit for. Sure he could write funny, painted awesome and was far ahead of his time…but his visions of not only the present, but the future as he saw it influenced history.

    Here’s to you Leonardo! Salute!

  2. Paint? Write? Cook? I submitted an entry under the art catagory, but believe I may have 3 chances to win this!!!! I love writing and have even dabbled in poetry…and….I am a GREAT cook! Art has always had my heart and I paint from my soul, hoping people see my joy. When I am painting, I am at peace and so happy…..I am sooooo glad I saw the ad on FB and had a chance to enter…and possibly….win…a….trip…to…ITALY!!…a dream can come true, if you try!

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