The Spaghetti Sandwich, It’s “Carbolicious”!

Spaghetti Sandwich

I am an addict, I will admit it…what am I addicted to you ask? Carbs, my friends…be it a tasty bowl of sticky fried white rice with bacon and soy sauce or the glory of a fluffy yet firm Italian roll, I am a straight up addict! Carbs are my “Crack”, they are bad, but oh so good….

I needed a carb fix last night like never before…so with that, I made a carb sandwich and filled it with what else….more carbs, as in Spaghetti !!! It was magical, gooey , yet a bit crunchy at the same time…It was AWESOME!!

I am not claiming to have invented a Spaghetti Sandwich as the Japanese market down the street has little tiny ones on the deli….right next to the squid testicles and fish brains, so with that, I made my own….now you can too!

Spaghetti Sandwich

By Chris Cognac


1 Hoagie or Italian roll 6 to 9 inches long (the kind that are fluffy inside yet tough on the outside)

1 tbs crushed garlic (from a jar)

3 tbs butter or margarine

2 cups spaghetti mixed with your favorite red sauce or meat sauce

shredded mozzarella cheese

Step 1: Slice the roll lengthwise about 2/3 from the bottom of the roll and then separate by hand.

Step 2: Smear butter and garlic on the inside of the roll then sprinkle some cheese on the inside, put into 400 dg oven for 4 mins, remove from oven

Spread the garlic and butter on the bread sing back of spoon

Step 3: Fill the roll with spaghetti (which has already been mixed with sauce), top with a bit more red sauce, then a healthy amount of mozzarella cheese.

Pour extra red sauce onto the "already sauced" spaghetti

Step 4: Bake in oven at 400 dgs for 6-8 mins, then put in broiler for 2-3 mins to really make the cheese melt.

Finished Spaghetti Sandwich right out of the oven

Step 5: Remove from oven and ruin your low carb diet!

Now, remember, don’t blame me when you gain weight from all those , delicious carbs…I didn’t force you to eat it…I just told you how to make it!!


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