“Opulate”..Yes, you want to make has it!

I opulate to I must has many things
While having lunch with my wife Martha today, she invented a new word whilst trying to describe something: That word is “OPULATE”!!
“Opulate” (Op-You-Late): The Russian and Baltic process of attaining wealth i.e. obtaining as many material items covered in gold as possible.
Now a practical lesson in the proper usage of “Opulate”.
Vladmir: Much chains of gold make want many ladies to make sex to Vladmir, no?
Yuri: Yes , soon Yuri try to Opulate, then much pretty ladies to Yuri make sex from, yes?
Vladmir: Ladies please to have Vladmir make to buy bed of tan so Ladies to orange skin make.
Yuri: Skin of orange ladies, make to show others that Vladmir big man with many thing to has. Vladmir not Opulate long time, many orange ladies, small giraffe , gold popcorn show Vladmir it make!
Well, that is my lesson in “Opulate” now I think it is time for me to Opulate as I need to has many things as well…
PS Opulence is what one has after one Opulate’s …although the process is new, most men go through certain periods know as “Opulation” every so often.
Das Vidana, Chris

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