Wienerschnitzel “Bacon Wrapped Street Dog”: Epic Fail!!!

Do you think my Bacon Street Dog looked like the one in the photo?

I have always been a fan of one of the most amazing, yet simple street food items on the planet earth, the Bacon Wrapped Hot dogs. Ever since eating one during a drunken teenage trip to Tijuana Mexico back in the 80’s, I have been hooked on them. I have professed my love for them back in the early days of online food forums (link to eGullet 2004 thread) , ranted for them...fought for them, getting in a bit of hot water at my “real job” due to some shitty reporting by the Daily Breeze newspaper (although they corrected it in print) about my defending the Bacon Dog , even written how to find and make them. Hell I have even been scheduled recently to appear as an expert on them for a Food Network show, then been mysteriously “canceled” at the last minute (wonder who I pissed off at FN).

Anyway, corporate Mega Giant Hot Dog chain Wienerschnitzel decided to jump on the bandwagon and put a “Bacon Wrapped Street Dog” on its menu. Well, shit, you don’t have to tell me twice to go check it out. I plunked down my $1.99 and waited like a “kid in a candy store” (not a plug for the show on Food Network even though my buddy Sean Omalley makes it) ..

I picked up my order (along with some tasty fries which are always fantastic there) and unwrapped it lovingly. I didn’t smell the aroma of melting pig, which is one of the tell tale signs of an amazing experience about to unfold, plus it felt a little “light”…I was still optimistic, I mean damn its Wienerschnitzel, they are the kings of the mass market hot dog…I unwrapped the paper, an took a look at this!

Wienerschnitzel Bacon Wrapped Street dog

It was an abomination to everything “bacon wrapped” it was a small shriveled up dog, with a flimsy piece of bacon…not even close to being completely wrapped as it should be, they used “applewood” bacon…they should have used a FUD dog and shitty cheap ass Mexican market bacon, cause that’s how its done right. The toppings were a mess, just a big “glob” of mayo. mustard and some decent grilles onions. It looked nothing like the photo, I almost began to cry in between bites, while forcing myself to consume the worst Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog of my life!

Can I ever overcome the fact that I have been sso traumatized by the corporate version of my favorite street food….I don’t know, but I am sure it will take time, and a few decent Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs…ones from the fucking barrios, not some fast food corporate kitchen, This hot dog has about as much “street cred” as Canadian White Boy rapper “Snow”…yea “Informer Bitches”

! I will give the disclaimer though….wienerschnitzel has some pretty kick ass food…. just not the Bacon Wrapped Street Dog…


5 thoughts on “Wienerschnitzel “Bacon Wrapped Street Dog”: Epic Fail!!!

  1. Yeah, that looks bad, but not as bad as the one I had… I think I had about five times as much mayo, and it tasted funky. A licky boom boom down, indeed.

  2. Dude, that looks like it would taste like ass. Sorry for your sad experience. But kudos for being brave enough to put that in your mouth!

  3. I just went through the drive through and they handed me this jizz-fest they called a Bacon Wrapped Street Dog. OMG was that messed up. It had so much mayo that I refused to put it in my mouth for fear that I would compromise my sexuality. What a train wreck!

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