OMFG, this Monte Cristo is one you can “count” on!

When Heaven comes to land on your plate, this is what it looks like!

I am a lover of the  rare and often horribly prepared “Monte Cristo” sandwich. What is a Monte Cristo sandwich you ask? Its pretty simple really, its just good fluffy bread, with swiss cheese, ham and turkey. What is so frigging special about that you say?…Well, the good and proper part is its battered and deep fried…yes, deep fried! I have found what I so far in my life of gorging and  culinary debauchery to be the ultimate, best Monte Cristo sandwich around and you won’t believe where you have to go to eat it.

Disneyland, yes…Disney, f ing land!, the Cafe Orleans to be exact…But all the food at Disneyland sucks ass and is made for fat tourists from Omaha! No my friends, the food at Disneyland and many, many other Disney lands, worlds, etc…is quite good, and in this case…amazing! Yes you have to sit and listen to the dixieland band playing 5 feet away from your table, but its worth it!

The Sandwich is an amazing display of contrasts.  When you bite into it, it starts off with a sweet, crunchy batter that is a lot like they used to put on Pioneer Chicken (those of you who remember that chain will know what I am talking about). Then, it is fluffy and warm as you move through the delicious bread, into a gooey piece of just the right temperature swiss cheese, then the smokey ham and turkey, back into a luxurious piece of bread, and finally more crunchy batter…all smothered with fruit preserves and topped with powdered sugar!

They took a semi healthy sandwich, took away the “health” and added flavor and deliciousness that resulted my heart wanting to kill me and my stomach thanking me for the gift it had received.

This is without a doubt the best Monte Cristo on the west coast, cause I have eaten one at every place I can find em on the menu (thats not very many). Its worth the trip to Disneyland just to get one, and look on the bright side, you can walk off all the calories trying to find a line short enough to actually wait in!


6 thoughts on “OMFG, this Monte Cristo is one you can “count” on!

  1. Chris, I haven’t eaten at Disneyland that many times, but the last time I did THIS is what I had, and EXACTLY where I had it. It was cool sitting so close to the water of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so I figured the food wouldn’t matter.

    Dude, this sandwich practically killed me. I had no idea what it was, but from the menu’s description it sounded a lot like the Croque Monsieur – one of my all-time favorite French sandwiches. It turned out to be a Croque Monsieur on steroids. I was able to eat half of it before my stomach told me “Dude . . . just don’t.”

    I wasn’t hungry for a long time after that.

  2. I still remember the first Monte Cristo I ever ate. I was at a German resturaunt in Milwaukee and not really feeling like heavy German food. I scanned the menu and saw “ham and turkey sandwich”…. “perfect!” I ordered it and could barely make it back to my car in the parking lot. These things are delicious, but you should do some preplanning before ordering.

  3. Cafe Orleans? Have they changed the name of the Blue Bayou restaurant or is it now being served in another place in the park? We always RACED to BB first thing to put in a reservation, then started hitting the lines for rides…

      1. well, that’s handy to know! bet it’s a lot easier to get into than Blue Bayou for a fast snack 🙂

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