Spicy Root Beer Pork Chops, an “experiment” in the kitchen

Pork Chop with Spicy Root Beer and Berry Reduction

I was at Whole Foods today which always ends up with me buying a lot of stuff and cooking tons of things in the kitchen. I love to go “hungry”, which may cost more but really gets my culinary creative juices flowing. So today there was a lovely, just the right size pork chop with my name in it.

I wondered what to do with it, I mean I could do a reduction of the Hitching Post Pinot Noir I just put into the cart, but then that meant I could not drink the whole bottle tonight (insert comments on that here…). Root Beer?…Would that work, I mean can you reduce it, its mostly flavorings and what not, but I make a mean Coke Pot Roast so I figured why the hell not…well, I went home, cranked open the bottle of Hitching Post and the following is the result.

Note: I was really impressed with the mellow sweetness of the root beer and will be using it in the future for kitchen experiments!

Brown Sugar Coated Pork Chop with a Spicy Root Beer and Berry Reduction.

By Chris Cognac

Reduction as follows:

In a small sauce pan over high heat put in 6 oz of A &W Root Beer, bring to boil and reduce by half. When reduced by half, add 2 strawberries and  several raspberries (frozen is fine). Continue to reduce till the amount is 4/5 of what you put in the sauce pan, then remove from heat and add 1 tbs of Srirachi (the Rooster red sauce) and incorporate into sauce. Let cool for a few mins, it will thicken to your liking, see below photo.

Close Up of the Root Beer Reduction
Spicy Root Beer Berry Reduction

Pork Chop:

Pat dry Pork Chop, drench in “essence” type spice…(You can buy at any store), then put into hot saute pan with a bit of bacon fat. Seer both side of the pork chop and remove from the pan. Coat with brown sugar and place under a hot broiler for approx 5 mins, until the brown sugar is bubbling…like the photo below.

Then remove from heat and let cool, the brown sugar will begin to harden, slice thin, plate and cover with sauce…its awesome, try it!

Brown Sugar bubbling under broiler

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