“Downtown Vegas” Cool: and the “Atomic Weekend:Rat Pack Night” video

Atomic Weekend: Rat Pack Night

I am a big fan of downtown Las Vegas…It’s what “Real Vegas” is as far as I am concerned. You can walk from casino to casino in min, without having to walk a half marathon through one casino and all its “spending opportunities”…The people are friendly, the limits are low and there is some pretty good food to be had, for cheap too!

I filmed the pilot of my Food Network show the Hungry Detective in Las Vegas and filmed at Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse (Chicken Fried Lobster) and at Mermaids, a “dive-cheesy” little slot machine casino with great $1.00 hot dogs and deep fried twinkies! The Chicken Fried Lobster is a “destination” dish…The deep fried twinkies…try em once…try em twice, you will end up in the cardiac care unit! Speaking of Binion’s, there is a bar in the back of the casino where you can get a huge (pretty decent) pizza and a pitcher of beer for around 10 bucks!

If you want a great dinner, with “Old Vegas” feel, for a really good price, check out The Flame” Steakhouse at the El Cortez Hotel Casino, its fantastic!  The 4 of us ate there and each got a wedge salad, French onion soup,  porterhouse steak (20 oz), huge baked potato, we split an amazing creamed corn and a creamed spinach, plus a bottle of wine….and the final tab…$56.00 per person….including a nice tip!

The Plaza Hotel and Casino is currently in the middle of a 30 million dollar renovation (buying all the furnishing at auction from the failed fountain blue project)  and will emerge from its cocoon as a symbol of its former downtown glory once again becoming the proper anchor hotel to the Freemont Street Experience. The Gold Spike, once the smoke and bum filled dump of the downtown Vegas scene, has been completely re-done from top to bottom and is really got a cool new “vibe” to it, and has got great room prices and a really good prime rib deal!

Do I even need to mention the Golden Nugget? Its new “Rush Tower” rooms are amazing, and they have the best pool downtown! If you are an “Opulence, I has it” kind of person, the Golden Nugget is for you! If you want a classy hotel, with lots of wood, old school feel and low limits (1$ roulette) check out the El Cortez.

So grab your own Rat Pack, dress up and head downtown,its a blast and a nice change from the “douchy strip”


One thought on ““Downtown Vegas” Cool: and the “Atomic Weekend:Rat Pack Night” video

  1. THE FLAME!!!!! For years now, I thought it had closed (used to be at the beginning of the strip). I loved going there…and now I can again thanks to you! Best steaks ever!

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