Atomic Weekend: Las Vegas Part-1

I love Las Vegas, I love the food, the dive bars, the low roller casino’s…all of it, except the stuck up “douchy”  “I am a VIP, let me pay 500 bucks for “bottle service” kind of Vegas….anyway, last year 3 of my buddies and I did the most epic Vegas trip ever. The 1st night was “Low Roller” Night….it started off at Frankie’s Tiki Room and ended at 330 am wandering the street looking for a cab after the last drink at the Peppermill….in between, we hooked up with some amazing chefs, drank “ass juice”, got spanked by hot chicks, did the chicken dance, stumbled down the strip, talking like Hanz and Franz after leaving the Hofbrau Haus…it was Epic…and that was just the first night….The second night was Tuxedo’s, Steak, Martini’s and all class!  So  here is “Part 1” of the adventure…I am working on “part duex” now…Oh for you Hungry Detective fans, you will see some familiar faces and places from the Vegas show as well as the L.A. Show!


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