Cooking for those who can’t…My 1 man video series

I got a Kodak Playshare video camera for Christmas and decided to shoot, edit and host my own cooking concept in my beat up little 60 yr old kitchen…its as LOW as Low Budget gets…but the Coca Cola Pot Roast was amazing!

Cooking for those who can’t:

Coca Cola Pot Roast (it was awesome)

Rosemary Potatoes

Green Beans with Bacon and Garlic


My Cuban mother in law’s “killer” Xmas Lechon Asado recipe

Lechon Asado Con Basulto Amore

My mother in law Marta Bilbao (Basulto) is an amazing woman from Cuba…every year she makes the most amazing roast pork for Christmas Eve…I always destroy it (last night included)! I was doing a demo at the PA Farm show in Harrisburg PA and needed a pork dish to make on stage. Well I bugged her and bugged her, then she cracked like an egg and gave the recipe up. It was a huge hit for everyone at the Farm Show and the Amish people in the audience tore it up! So, here it is, its easy to make and a fantastic way to cook a pork shoulder or butt!

12-15lbs Pork Leg

2 1/2 cups of sour orange juice (2/3 orange juice, 1/3 lime juice if sour orange unavailable)

3 heads of garlic, finely chopped

2 1/2 tablespoons of oregano

2 1/2 teaspoons of cumin

2 1/2 cups of white cooking wine

sea salt to taste

Poke holes in leg and insert garlic, rub with salt

Mix remaining ingredients in bag

Place roast in bag and marinate over night (turning to coat several times)

Remove roast roast from marinade

Preheat oven to 350 degress

Place covered in oven for 5-6 hours, remove and baste several times during the process.

Remove from oven and sprinkle a dash of chopped parsley for color

Serve with Rice and Black beans or Boiled Yuca, spoon the juice over meat and yucca

Hmmmm … puts out a top 10 list of “best” pizza in the U.S.

Burt was "Robbed" by not being on the list....

I get a lot of “press releases” being the food guy that I am…most of them are crap, but this one caught my eye…not because it was about Pizza, a subject so close to my heart but by what it contained….its a “top 10” list from the folks at worst pizza, which is an interesting name if you want to talk about the “best” pizza…so maybe I will start “food that tastes like shit”. com so my foodie friends and I can discuss the latest and greatest foodie finds around the country…

Anyway, I do give this a bit of credit cause its not the usual places in NYC or Chicago….there are places like Boca Raton Florida…I mean, shit when I think of Boca Raton Florida I think Pizza…and retired Jewish people….making really really good Pizza…so here it is, I am sure Burt from Burts in Chicago is emotionally traumatized by not being on the list….his Pizza is fantastic, a bunch of Chicago foodies took me there a few years ago….its “off the hook” as a certain over hyped douch-bag would say…

I know I am being a smart ass with this blog…but I do this this list credibility as the dude appears to have a real passion for Pizza….but that means someone else will come in, steal his idea and become rich and famous…and he will just get fat and high cholesterol.

Boca Raton – (December 20, 2010) – Where do you start when trying to find the best pizza in your local area? In the past year, “The Pizza Expert” ate his way through 25 states, tried his favorite recipes that included a Grandma and Upside Down pizza, and reviewed over 500 pizza restaurants, all in the search of finding the best pizza. This year,, the ultimate resource for pizza reviews and recipes, highlights their first top 10 list of pizza parlors in the U.S for 2010.
The list is compiled each year by “The Pizza Expert” and his team of professional pizza reviewers on Contrary to the name Worst Pizza, the website critiques, entertains and gives thoughtful reviews of pizza and the restaurants that sell it. This year’s list ranges from little-known pizzeria’s in Mount Vernon, NY, to the kings of pizza in New Haven, CT, to cities that are world-renowned for their pizza’s like Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. Through his website, the top 10 list changes and gets updated each year based upon the preparation and ingredients used by the pizza makers.
“You can tell when restaurants use high-quality products like Grande Cheese with a little Pecorino, Caputo Flour and San Marzano Tomato Sauce,” said Craig Agranoff, founder of “It’s about quality in, quality out,” Agranoff further states.

Here is the Top 10 List of Best Pizza Restaurants in the US:
Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix, AZ
Johnny’s Pizza,  Mount Vernon, NY
Sally’s Apizza, New Haven, CT
Tacconelli’s Pizza, Philadelphia, PA
Great Lake Pizza, Chicago, IL
Lucali’s Pizza, Brooklyn, NY
L&B Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
Buddy’s Pizza, Detroit, MI
Frank Pepe’s Pizza, New Haven, CT
Tucci’s Pizza, Boca Raton, FL

Established in 2006, is dedicated to finding the best pizza places by sifting through the worst. Unlike other pizza review sites that only look for good, we also expose those with poor quality. has appeared as an expert on pizza with CBS, FOX, NBC, Wine Library TV, as well as in Slice, Thrillist, Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post. is owned and operated by The Pizza Experts LLC, who also brought the first to the masses.

About the Pizza Expert
The Pizza Expert is known as “Lapp” and his goal is to travel the world in search of the best pizza.  He shares what he finds when he’s had a slice on  Growing up in the New York Metro area, he learned what some of the best and worst pizza are like.  Going beyond the “college dorm box pizza,” he looks for real, restaurant pizza with high standards of quality.

Send me to the North Pole!!!

Hey gang I entered a blog contest to go to the North Pole! How cool would that be if I got to go! Its a once in a lifetime thing, the trip is from Helsinki to the top of the world….anyway, I need votes in order for my essay to be considered so if you would kindly click here I would be in your debt!

Seriously, how cool would it be to stand on top of the world!

Thanks, Chris