Oh Yea, “Wiz Wit” Baby, A damn good steak from Bera’s Cheese Steak Truck

"Wiz Wit" from Bera's Cheese Steaks Lunch Truck

There are many things in the food world that get me excited such as burritos, burgers, tasting menus at Bradley Ogden etc. I can get most of them in L.A. Or Vegas, but the one thing I can’t get is a really good, authentic cheese steak. I mean the kind like I can get at Jim’s, or Steve’s Prince of Steak or Ricks or Geno’s. Served “wiz wit” meaning with cheese whiz and grilled onions on a roll. Not just any kind of roll, but a good one that will hold in the grease/flavor from the meat. One that will withstand the soakage from the onslaught of delicious warm and gooey cheese whiz and not fall apart like some crappy grocery store sandwich roll.

Good Cheese Steaks or “Steaks” as they are known in the steak mecca known as “Philly” are all about a combination of cheese, quality meat (not that steak um stuff) served on a fantastic roll. If any one of those elements is missing, then its kind of like sex when your partner is not really into it. Its satisfying for you , but could have been “oh so much more”!

Well, folks I am a cheese steak snob, I am sick and tired of trying places that are supposed to be “authentic” but are really just cheap ass imitations, kinda like that Ke$ha chick is pretty much a cheap ass imitation of  that other Gaga chick, who is pretty much an imitation of Madonna. I have tried and tried to find a place that made me feel like I was in Philly, standing at a counter, pissed off at the latest Eagles loss and soothing myself with a warm Amorosa roll, filled with beef and whiz! Much like the Eagles past couple of seasons, my quest has been a failure…..until now!

I am lagging behind on the whole “Food Truck” thing, but have recently loaded a food truck app on my ipad and iphone. So coming home from my real job today, I noticed that there was a tweet from @beracheesesteak saying that the truck would be by my house. Hey, I got nothing to lose by trying it, so why try to eat a healthy lunch when I can grab a cheese steak. I walked up to the truck and saw the yuppified menu of “Chipotle” and all kinds of other “steaks”, so I yelled up to the guy in the truck, “I want a wiz wit”! He knew exactly what I meant, smiled and moved onto the grill. Fuck, I was stoked, I pretty much had a “food boner” thinking that this might be the place! He asked in a thick Philly accent if I was from the city? Nope I told him, but I shot a ton of TV there and ate every cheese steak I could get my hands on, then named off my “list” which is the following:

#1 Steve’s Prince of Steaks, #2 Jim’s, #3 Genos’ #4 Ricks, #5 Johnny’s Hots

Well about 4 mins later a warm torpedo of deliciousness was handed to me and he assured me that it would be among my “list”. Well we will see, I mean the dude has a “Chipotle” steak on the menu (which could actually be good, but I have never eaten it). So I hopped into my truck with my cheesesteak stiffy and drove 5 min home.

I carefully unwrapped it, took a photo and destroyed it! It was glorious, gooey from the whiz , flavorful from the really nice quality meat and the bread, the bread was as close to an Amorosa roll as I have found in L.A.! If I closed my eyes and imagined, I could be at the corner of 4th and South waiting for a cheese steak with Vinny, Joey, Rocco and the rest of the boys (note made up names not really my “boys” as most of my friends are Asian).

Bera’s Cheese Steak truck makes a damn good, authentic cheese steak! Get on that “twitter thing” and find it, go get a “whiz wit” and see what you have been missing!

Note: I did find the price of almost $10 bucks for a large after tax (it comes with a small bag of chips) a bit stiff, but hey, if you want it, you gotta pay for it!