Treatment for a show that never was, at least with me as the host

I have been trying to restore my stupid iPhone which crashed on me and had a ton of TV show concepts and ideas on it….anyway, I came across this treatment (which is what a show idea is called) that we tried to get made in 2007…We never brought it to Food Network because we knew that they would just make it with a certain host which was not me. We wanted to bring it to the NFL network but didn’t have a contact there. One of the big problems is I DON’T HAVE AN AGENT (which is amazing, since it seams everyone in Hollywood has one, but I can’t get one, even thought I created and hosted a national TV show)! …never the less, check out what it the treatment looks like we new that it was only a matter of time before someone would do something similar….and what do you know, there is a show on right now just like it…with a certain host! Well, at least I can say “I had the idea first” (sadly that’s not the only idea I had first)….so all of you folks that want to make Food TV out there…its all about timing and contacts! Good Luck!

Note: I am not alleging my idea was stolen….just that I had it first!

Who said making Food Television is not frustrating!

Chargers Tailgate Action

Tailgate Cooking Challenge

Two teams of two cooks attempt to complete a 3-course tailgate “game day spread” using the featured ingredients in each dish. All dishes will be prepped and cooked using the “tail gate kitchen” provided by the production. The teams will be allowed 90 mins for preparation and cooking of dishes

Course #1 “appetizer” such as finger food, chili etc (10 points)

Course #2 “side dish” such as a lettuce wedge w homemade grilled bacon and avocado dressing. (10 Points)

Course #3 “main dish” such as grilled pork tacos, ribs, brisket sandwiches  (15 points)

Bonus Course (extra points) make or break (plus 5 or minus 5 points) either a dessert or a cocktail using 1 of the featured ingredients. All 3 judges must agree that the bonus dish is good to get the extra points. If the judges do not agree, 5 points will be deducted from the total.

“Audible” Option The Challengers can “risk it” by calling the “audible” during the last 60 mins of the competition, which will result in a “mystery ingredient” being revealed and used by the challengers for an extra 5 points…..but at a substantial risk as the ingredient can be anything from SPAM to Velveeta Cheese.

Judging: a mixed panel 3 of food experts, chefs and or sports figures will judge based on the following:

  1. Flavor
  2. Presentation
  3. Originality
  4. Practicality, how easy is the dish to eat in a parking lot

Featured Ingredients:

Main Ingredient: a protein such as pork, beef, fish, ribs or even tofu which can be cooked using multiple techniques such as grilling, sautéing, boiling, braising etc.

Secondary Ingredient: can be a fruit such as peaches, melon or vegetable such as onion, potato etc which can also be prepared in many was and also eaten in raw or uncooked form.

A “pantry” of common ingredients will be provided to both teams and can be used in any dishes. Special or ethnic ingredients can be brought by the team members if they see fit to do so as long as it is in its pure form and unaltered by the contestant,


4 thoughts on “Treatment for a show that never was, at least with me as the host

  1. I love this idea, Chris! And it certainly plays right into the hands of the NFL Network. They need alternate programming like this. No way the production company you work with can pitch it? And why don’t you have an agent? You, of all people, I would think would have an agent.

    I’d totally watch this. I had reservations when I found out Mario Batali was doing NASCAR tailgating, but after I found out how many hardcore foodies are into it, I lightened up. Tailgating is tailgating, no matter what it’s for.

  2. Tell me about it. Being an aspiring writer, yet, too poor to pay an agent, I’m always thinking that someone will have my idea before I get a chance to have it published. Not that it stops me from writing. Keep brianstorming ideas, Chris….you’ll get another show!

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