Chefs and Foodies the Tampa Police need your help

Please bloggers and food writers send in recipe and pics…it’s not just cops recipes

This is what came across my desk today and I figured I might have a few friends that can help

This came across my desk at work today and I figured
I might know 1 or 2 people that could help!

If you can, send off recipe etc to the e mail in the copy of e mail below…also forward this to other chefs and foodies who can help..


Here is the e mail from the people at Tampa Police….

As you know, on June 29th we had two Tampa Police Officers, David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab killed in cold blood on a traffic stop. They were both 31 yrs old. Officer Curtis had four young children. Officer Kocab left behind a wife who was nine months pregnant. Due to complications they were aware of Mrs. Kocab gave birth to a stillborn infant just a short time after burying her husband. We are currently putting together a cookbook as a fund raiser to earn money for these two families. Tampa P.D. has been conducting other fund raisers and those are doing well. I am not asking you or your officers for donations of money. We are reaching out to Officers in all 50 states and trying to gather 911 recipes for the CALLING ALL CARS 911 cookbook. All we need is for your Officers to do is submit a recipe or several if they like and email them to the web site on the attached flyer. We are hoping to have representation from all 50 states when this book is done. 100 PER CENT of the profits will be distributed between the families of the two Officers. This fund raiser is sanctioned by the Tampa Police Dept. and has been approved by Major Sophia Teague. Please help us out and have your officers send a recipe or two. We want 50 states to truly represent the Police Family in this project. We also think we can truly get a great variety of recipes by submissions from all 50 states. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 15th, 2010. We will follow up with an email when we know the release date and cost of the book. The address for recipes is which is also reflected on the attached flyer. We are also asking agencies to please pass this info on to other agencies in your area if permitted by your dept.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Officer Ali Fitzpatrick #221 Tampa Police Department

Sent from my iPad

Chris Cognac
Code-7 Creative
310 925 2650

Sent from my iPad

Chris Cognac
Code-7 Creative
310 925 2650


3 thoughts on “Chefs and Foodies the Tampa Police need your help

  1. Chris, feel free to share the enchadoglas recipe with the folks doing the fundraiser. I’ll go through my files and see if I have any more that don’t come across as too heavy or difficult.

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