Some Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Action!!!!

a sheetpan of bacon wrapped love

Since its “Bacon Day” today and god knows I have eaten several pigs worth of the delicious stuff, I though I would post a few video’s of one of the best uses for Bacon….that is, wrapped around a hot dog! A Bacon Wrapped Hot dog is a street food specialty here in Los Angeles….I thought it would be simple to recreate them at home…well I was wrong, it was not….so, long story short, I had to stake out one of the bandit Mexican shopping cart Bacon Dog vendors outside a Chivas USA game and watch….the secret, is oil….yea, oil…put some on the flat griddle when you are cooking the dog, that way it crisps the bacon but does not overcook the dog itself!, plus the grease runs into the onions and peppers that are on the griddle next to the dogs and just adds that tasty bacon fat flavor!

the working end of a proper street "Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog" cart

Bonus video at the end of an “Epic Pissed off Rant” by me to corporate giant AEG who ran the Bacon Dog vendors away!

Below is a pretty good video segment from Mo Rocca


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