Marie Anderson, a Facebook reader sent this in, it looks killer so someone give it a try!

1 pound of good beef hot dogs (I use Nathan’s)
8 strips of bacon
8 slices of cheddar cheese
8 corn tortillas
2 cups of your favorite chili (in a pinch, I’ll use a 15 ounce can of Wolf chili, no beans)
1/2 cup of shredded cheese (I like a blend of sharp cheddar and pepper Jack)
Chopped onions and sour cream for garnish

Wrap each dog with a slice of bacon and grill (I have a cast iron 2 burner griddle for this) until bacon is crispy.
Steam the tortillas to soften (cheat: 30 seconds in microwave, wrapped in a damp paper towel works).
Place slice of cheese on each tortilla and wrap around bacon dog. Place dog, seam side down, in baking pan. Repeat until all are in the pan.
Pour warmed chili over dogs, cover with shredded cheese and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes, until cheese melts.
Remove pan from oven, place 2 dogs on plate, garnish with onions and sour cream. I’ll serve this with a side of mexi-rice (rice cooked in a solution of 50% water and 50 % salsa) and salad.
Serves 4.


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