“Jack In The Box” , as “un-green” as it get’s, and Really Big Chicken review

Jack in the Box "Really Big Chicken Sandwich"

I have been seeing those tasty looking posters from Jack in the Box advertising that heart stopping, , bacon topped , secret sauce smeared, double deep fried piece of deliciousness known as the “Really Big Chicken Sandwich”.  I broke down and had to get one, I mean come on at only $3.99 for the sandwich, med curly fries and soda its a no brainer. The Really Big Chicken Sandwich combo has got to have one of the best “Calorie to Cash” ratio of anything around. In fact for $3.99 you can get 1176 calories and 69 grams of fat with 1 Really Big Chicken Sandwich and a medium Curly Fries. That comes out to 2.94 calories per penny! A bargain if I may say so myself! I mean, how many of Jarrod’s Subway sandwiches would one need to eat to achieve the intake of just one Really Big Chicken Sandwich combo!

I picked up the deep fried goodness on a bun and surveyed what I was about to enjoy…between the generic white bread buns was staked 2 slices of greasy, tasty, smoked pork goodness known as bacon, 2 slices of a white cheese substance that reminded me of melted plastic, heart stopping mayo, crispy lettuce and a fresh tomato which helps alleviate any “consumer guilt” at purchasing such an item to actually consume! I took a bite, the crispy breaded chicken patties were only complemented by the mixing of the fryer oil coming out of the chicken patty and mixing with the “secret sauce” mayo. The Smokey bacon resonated into a cacophony of flavors and textures. It was so delicious I wanted to order another one, but my Cardiologist Dr Weinstien had conducted a “Jewish-Vulcan Mind Meld” on me at our last “visit” and I found it impossible to order another. I still had the fries dammit, now where was my ketchup?

The Ketchup containers given at Jack in the Box, killing the earth 1/4 oz at a time

I went to the counter to get what I figured would be a “normal” package of ketchup, you know the kind you “squeeze”. What I was given shocked me to no end! O.K., now I am no tree hugging, granola eating, stinky unwashed guitar playing hippy, but I love the earth…I mean, hell I have been living on it all my life, so why not take care of it, I mean I do the whole “green” thing when its convenient and does not cost me too much. I have never seen a more blatant disregard for the environment then I saw today at Jack in the Box! My ketchup came in a hard plastic container with a lid on it! OK no big deal you say, but there was only enough ketchup for about 2 fries in each container! I had to get 7 of them just to get enough ketchup for the medium curly fries! What’s the problem you say, Chris you are eating that damn grease filled ever so tasty “Really Big Chicken Sandwich” so why should you care? Well the issue is that those plastic containers have to go rot in a landfill for about 1000 yrs and  I just used 7 of them! Seriously Jack or Mr Box if you prefer, can’t you put enough ketchup into one container to fill it up, therefore reducing what must be a GIANT CARBON FOOTPRINT when one adds up the amount of restaurants in the Jack in the Box Chain, and the amount of Ketchup people use with those tasty curly fries!

Jack in the Box "non environment friendly" ketchup containers

Mr Box, I have a few questions now so I hope you can answer them for me.

#1 do you really save THAT much money using those plastic earth killing plastic containers filled with tiny amounts of ketchup that it’s worth the environmental damage that is done when they are thrown away.

#2 Do I really need to feel even MORE guilty knowing that I not only contributed to my pending heart attack by consuming the brilliant yet so deadly “Really Big Chicken Sandwich” , but am also contributing to the earths slow death (and mine) by eating so much ketchup from those plastic containers?  Thanks Jack I await your answer and I am sure you will be getting in contact with me soon via your fantastic PR people or your bastion of Lawyers …or maybe you can just drop me an e mail, we can catch a Chargers game together!

Thanks, Chris

PS Love the TV ad’s


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