Well, I guess now is the time to write a book…here is the “Prologue”

Me on a swealtering hot day in Boston's North End doing Food Network Promo shoot

Flavor Junkie: The Story of the journey from Street Cop, to Food Network Celebrity and the harsh reality of living a double life and when both worlds crumble down at the same time.


The razor sharp blade cut a clean line up to the midsection, just like an experienced butcher he angled the blade outward and in two quick slices of about 10 inches each had completely exposed the heart, lungs and other organs which were quickly removed and weighed. I heard the whir of circular saw working at the other “stations” to remove the brains after cutting around the skull, but not at my station. A quick slice to the back of the head and the face was peeled ever so carefully, now normally a circular saw would be used to remove the brain, but not in this case as it was not needed. The top of the skull was soft and made up of 4 little “triangle’s”, which peel back like the petals of a flower to expose the brain. Her brain was removed and examined for sub-dural hematoma’s and excess blood which would be indicative of being shaken violently.

“Fuck”, I thought to myself as I looked down at the cold steel examination table. I felt every emotion possible and all at the same time. I was doing my best to contain the rage, horror, disappointment, I was trying to hold it together, trying to be the text book “Detective” as I stared at the 9 month old child who had just been sliced to pieces by a coroner who was straight out a horror movie casting call. I took my notes, interviewed the coroner a bit and then tried to put it all into my “bucket”.

The “bucket” is a place in my soul where I put all the bad shit that I see working the streets of South Los Angeles as a cop and as a detective. Being a detective was cool and all, but I had the shittiest of all the detective jobs, I was the child abuse and child sexual assault detective. My world consisted of dead babies, kids who had been whipped, beaten, burned and broken as well as the ones being forced to blow uncle Juan or that were ass raped by Dad before school, and to make things worse I was “deep into” the church sexual abuse by priest scandals which shook ended up shaking my faith in god and the church to the core. I would see these kids, listen to the stories and wonder how they survived, how they moved on, did they have a “bucket” like I did?

The only way I could “empty my bucket of demons” was to do something “good” and fill up my “other bucket” which would bring balance to my life. I looked for stuff to do, to pay things “forward” so I could empty out that bucket of demons, but I was having a hard time doing it, I had 4 yr old, and a brand new baby and a wife that worked night shift just so we could watch the kids and still have some money left. I worked long hours, and became very good at my job, I also was at a breaking point. The bucket was overflowing with demons and if I didn’t find a way to empty it fast, I was going end up a statistic, another fucking cop that sucked on the business end of a Berretta 92F and blew himself away because the job sucked the soul from him, and end the end took away the reason to live. I needed to find and escape from my world, and find it fast….I needed to find a reason to live!

I read the local paper called the Daily Breeze every morning, and I would get so pissed off at the Food Critic because he always reviewed those “pompous ass, snooty, rich boy” places to eat. I knew a ton of great places to eat, shit I could find you’re the best Burritos, Shwarma, Pho in any town, just by acting like a cop and looking at the clues. Everyone with half a brain knows that cops always know the best places to eat. It’s common knowledge (at least for my foodie and cop friends) that if you go to a place to eat and there are 3 cop cars parked out front, and its not getting robbed, then that place is gonna be tasty as hell! That was it, I had found my escape from the hell of my “real world”  I would create a separate life and food or specifically writing about food would be my escape!

Now how the hell was I going to do that I thought to myself, I mean the newspaper already had a Food Critic. I needed to make this happen, and I know that if you don’t ask, you ain’t getting shit! I contacted a reporter named Sandy Cohen (who is now with the associated press) and asked her if she had any ideas, she put me in touch with an editor named Leo Smith. Leo took a risk and ran with my idea and the next thing I knew I was writing my “very own” newspaper column called “The Culinary Detective”! That phone call and newspaper column, began a wild journey that would over the next 5 yrs take me into the kitchens and into the living rooms of America as a host on the Food Network. One minute I was drinking with Anthony Bourdain in NYC, the next I was in Texas with Bobby Flay standing on a stage in front of 50,000 people. People would come up to me in airports and want my autograph, I got invited to Hollywood premieres to work the red carpet, it was as Guy Fieri (a man whom I have never met, but has impacted my life) would say “off the hook”! My bucket of demons was empty, and I was having a blast but little did I know that I would have plenty of demons for a whole “new bucket”

The “ride” began with the death of an infant girl and for me the “ride” pretty much the ended the same way, with death and  in one day. It began with lunch at my favorite Pho place and ended with me trying desperately to breath life into the body of a 3 yr old little girl in princess pajamas, then getting home to find out my show was canceled. This is the story of what its like to live a double life, that of a cop and that of a foodie. I will tell the stories of what its really like to write about food and “shoot” Food Television, and I will also tell you what its like to shoot another human being. This is a story of my two lives, separate yet at times crashing together. It’s a story of me trying to cope with the burdens of one life by creating a new one and of trying to keep myself “real” in both of them, a task that is not so easy. Welcome to “my world”!

There will be some funny shit from both worlds, so please don’t be offended by my swearing etc, I am keeping it real.

P.S. Oh yea, I am doing this without an “agent” or a “book deal” or any of that stuff, just like I have done everything before…I figure it will work itself out, let me know if you like it so far.

Sgt Chris Cognac

The “Hungry Detective”


Treatment for a show that never was, at least with me as the host

I have been trying to restore my stupid iPhone which crashed on me and had a ton of TV show concepts and ideas on it….anyway, I came across this treatment (which is what a show idea is called) that we tried to get made in 2007…We never brought it to Food Network because we knew that they would just make it with a certain host which was not me. We wanted to bring it to the NFL network but didn’t have a contact there. One of the big problems is I DON’T HAVE AN AGENT (which is amazing, since it seams everyone in Hollywood has one, but I can’t get one, even thought I created and hosted a national TV show)! …never the less, check out what it the treatment looks like we new that it was only a matter of time before someone would do something similar….and what do you know, there is a show on right now just like it…with a certain host! Well, at least I can say “I had the idea first” (sadly that’s not the only idea I had first)….so all of you folks that want to make Food TV out there…its all about timing and contacts! Good Luck!

Note: I am not alleging my idea was stolen….just that I had it first!

Who said making Food Television is not frustrating!

Chargers Tailgate Action

Tailgate Cooking Challenge

Two teams of two cooks attempt to complete a 3-course tailgate “game day spread” using the featured ingredients in each dish. All dishes will be prepped and cooked using the “tail gate kitchen” provided by the production. The teams will be allowed 90 mins for preparation and cooking of dishes

Course #1 “appetizer” such as finger food, chili etc (10 points)

Course #2 “side dish” such as a lettuce wedge w homemade grilled bacon and avocado dressing. (10 Points)

Course #3 “main dish” such as grilled pork tacos, ribs, brisket sandwiches  (15 points)

Bonus Course (extra points) make or break (plus 5 or minus 5 points) either a dessert or a cocktail using 1 of the featured ingredients. All 3 judges must agree that the bonus dish is good to get the extra points. If the judges do not agree, 5 points will be deducted from the total.

“Audible” Option The Challengers can “risk it” by calling the “audible” during the last 60 mins of the competition, which will result in a “mystery ingredient” being revealed and used by the challengers for an extra 5 points…..but at a substantial risk as the ingredient can be anything from SPAM to Velveeta Cheese.

Judging: a mixed panel 3 of food experts, chefs and or sports figures will judge based on the following:

  1. Flavor
  2. Presentation
  3. Originality
  4. Practicality, how easy is the dish to eat in a parking lot

Featured Ingredients:

Main Ingredient: a protein such as pork, beef, fish, ribs or even tofu which can be cooked using multiple techniques such as grilling, sautéing, boiling, braising etc.

Secondary Ingredient: can be a fruit such as peaches, melon or vegetable such as onion, potato etc which can also be prepared in many was and also eaten in raw or uncooked form.

A “pantry” of common ingredients will be provided to both teams and can be used in any dishes. Special or ethnic ingredients can be brought by the team members if they see fit to do so as long as it is in its pure form and unaltered by the contestant,

Tampa Tribune article about cookbook project

Officers’ recipes to fill cookbook, aid Kocab, Curtis families

By JEFF HOUCK | The Tampa Tribune

Published: September 10, 2010

Updated: 09/10/2010 02:41 pm

TAMPA – After Tampa police Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab were shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in June, the law enforcement community and Bay area residents came forward to raise money for their families.

The support continues, this time from fellow members of the Tampa Police Department.

Officer Allison Fitzpatrick and her husband, Kevin, are collecting recipes from law enforcement agencies in all 50 states for a “Calling All Cars 911 Cookbook.” All profits are to go to the families of Kocab and Curtis.

Dontae Rashawn Morris was arrested and charged with the men’s deaths on June 29. Curtis, 31, is survived by his wife and four young sons. Kocab, also 31, is survived by his wife, who gave birth to a stillborn infant a week after the shooting.

Kevin Fitzpatrick said his wife came up with the cookbook idea in mid-August. They began e-mailing police agencies and law enforcement associations with the goal of gathering 911 recipes.

“As of today, we had recipes from 49 states, and I just got one in from Hawaii,” he said. “I leaned on every narcotics officer I ever knew who owed me.”

The cookbook is scheduled to be published by Morris Press Cookbooks in Nebraska. Fitzpatrick said the deadline for recipe submissions is Sept. 15. The plan is to have the text complete by Sept. 30 so that it can be available for sale by early November.

“Let me tell you one thing: People eat a lot of chicken,” he said. “I’ve got casseroles coming out of my ears.”

A celebrity section of the book will include recipes from Anthony Bourdain and Alton Brown. Other recipes include dishes that reflect the part of the country from which they were submitted: cedar-plank salmon from Alaska, shrimp bisque and Creole dishes from Louisiana, Crock-Pot moose from Maine and North Carolina apple cobbler made using hot coals on a cast-iron Dutch oven pot. “I can see a lot of house fires with that one,” he joked.

Law enforcement agencies can submit recipes at tpdrecipes@aol.com.

Reporter Jeff Houck can be reached at (813) 259-7324.

Chefs and Foodies the Tampa Police need your help

Please bloggers and food writers send in recipe and pics…it’s not just cops recipes

This is what came across my desk today and I figured I might have a few friends that can help

This came across my desk at work today and I figured
I might know 1 or 2 people that could help!

If you can, send off recipe etc to the e mail in the copy of e mail below…also forward this to other chefs and foodies who can help..


Here is the e mail from the people at Tampa Police….

As you know, on June 29th we had two Tampa Police Officers, David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab killed in cold blood on a traffic stop. They were both 31 yrs old. Officer Curtis had four young children. Officer Kocab left behind a wife who was nine months pregnant. Due to complications they were aware of Mrs. Kocab gave birth to a stillborn infant just a short time after burying her husband. We are currently putting together a cookbook as a fund raiser to earn money for these two families. Tampa P.D. has been conducting other fund raisers and those are doing well. I am not asking you or your officers for donations of money. We are reaching out to Officers in all 50 states and trying to gather 911 recipes for the CALLING ALL CARS 911 cookbook. All we need is for your Officers to do is submit a recipe or several if they like and email them to the web site on the attached flyer. We are hoping to have representation from all 50 states when this book is done. 100 PER CENT of the profits will be distributed between the families of the two Officers. This fund raiser is sanctioned by the Tampa Police Dept. and has been approved by Major Sophia Teague. Please help us out and have your officers send a recipe or two. We want 50 states to truly represent the Police Family in this project. We also think we can truly get a great variety of recipes by submissions from all 50 states. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 15th, 2010. We will follow up with an email when we know the release date and cost of the book. The address for recipes is tpdrecipes@aol.com which is also reflected on the attached flyer. We are also asking agencies to please pass this info on to other agencies in your area if permitted by your dept.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Officer Ali Fitzpatrick #221 Tampa Police Department

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Chris Cognac
Code-7 Creative
310 925 2650

Sent from my iPad

Chris Cognac
Code-7 Creative
310 925 2650


Marie Anderson, a Facebook reader sent this in, it looks killer so someone give it a try!

1 pound of good beef hot dogs (I use Nathan’s)
8 strips of bacon
8 slices of cheddar cheese
8 corn tortillas
2 cups of your favorite chili (in a pinch, I’ll use a 15 ounce can of Wolf chili, no beans)
1/2 cup of shredded cheese (I like a blend of sharp cheddar and pepper Jack)
Chopped onions and sour cream for garnish

Wrap each dog with a slice of bacon and grill (I have a cast iron 2 burner griddle for this) until bacon is crispy.
Steam the tortillas to soften (cheat: 30 seconds in microwave, wrapped in a damp paper towel works).
Place slice of cheese on each tortilla and wrap around bacon dog. Place dog, seam side down, in baking pan. Repeat until all are in the pan.
Pour warmed chili over dogs, cover with shredded cheese and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes, until cheese melts.
Remove pan from oven, place 2 dogs on plate, garnish with onions and sour cream. I’ll serve this with a side of mexi-rice (rice cooked in a solution of 50% water and 50 % salsa) and salad.
Serves 4.

Some Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Action!!!!

a sheetpan of bacon wrapped love

Since its “Bacon Day” today and god knows I have eaten several pigs worth of the delicious stuff, I though I would post a few video’s of one of the best uses for Bacon….that is, wrapped around a hot dog! A Bacon Wrapped Hot dog is a street food specialty here in Los Angeles….I thought it would be simple to recreate them at home…well I was wrong, it was not….so, long story short, I had to stake out one of the bandit Mexican shopping cart Bacon Dog vendors outside a Chivas USA game and watch….the secret, is oil….yea, oil…put some on the flat griddle when you are cooking the dog, that way it crisps the bacon but does not overcook the dog itself!, plus the grease runs into the onions and peppers that are on the griddle next to the dogs and just adds that tasty bacon fat flavor!

the working end of a proper street "Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog" cart

Bonus video at the end of an “Epic Pissed off Rant” by me to corporate giant AEG who ran the Bacon Dog vendors away!

Below is a pretty good video segment from Mo Rocca

“Jack In The Box” , as “un-green” as it get’s, and Really Big Chicken review

Jack in the Box "Really Big Chicken Sandwich"

I have been seeing those tasty looking posters from Jack in the Box advertising that heart stopping, , bacon topped , secret sauce smeared, double deep fried piece of deliciousness known as the “Really Big Chicken Sandwich”.  I broke down and had to get one, I mean come on at only $3.99 for the sandwich, med curly fries and soda its a no brainer. The Really Big Chicken Sandwich combo has got to have one of the best “Calorie to Cash” ratio of anything around. In fact for $3.99 you can get 1176 calories and 69 grams of fat with 1 Really Big Chicken Sandwich and a medium Curly Fries. That comes out to 2.94 calories per penny! A bargain if I may say so myself! I mean, how many of Jarrod’s Subway sandwiches would one need to eat to achieve the intake of just one Really Big Chicken Sandwich combo!

I picked up the deep fried goodness on a bun and surveyed what I was about to enjoy…between the generic white bread buns was staked 2 slices of greasy, tasty, smoked pork goodness known as bacon, 2 slices of a white cheese substance that reminded me of melted plastic, heart stopping mayo, crispy lettuce and a fresh tomato which helps alleviate any “consumer guilt” at purchasing such an item to actually consume! I took a bite, the crispy breaded chicken patties were only complemented by the mixing of the fryer oil coming out of the chicken patty and mixing with the “secret sauce” mayo. The Smokey bacon resonated into a cacophony of flavors and textures. It was so delicious I wanted to order another one, but my Cardiologist Dr Weinstien had conducted a “Jewish-Vulcan Mind Meld” on me at our last “visit” and I found it impossible to order another. I still had the fries dammit, now where was my ketchup?

The Ketchup containers given at Jack in the Box, killing the earth 1/4 oz at a time

I went to the counter to get what I figured would be a “normal” package of ketchup, you know the kind you “squeeze”. What I was given shocked me to no end! O.K., now I am no tree hugging, granola eating, stinky unwashed guitar playing hippy, but I love the earth…I mean, hell I have been living on it all my life, so why not take care of it, I mean I do the whole “green” thing when its convenient and does not cost me too much. I have never seen a more blatant disregard for the environment then I saw today at Jack in the Box! My ketchup came in a hard plastic container with a lid on it! OK no big deal you say, but there was only enough ketchup for about 2 fries in each container! I had to get 7 of them just to get enough ketchup for the medium curly fries! What’s the problem you say, Chris you are eating that damn grease filled ever so tasty “Really Big Chicken Sandwich” so why should you care? Well the issue is that those plastic containers have to go rot in a landfill for about 1000 yrs and  I just used 7 of them! Seriously Jack or Mr Box if you prefer, can’t you put enough ketchup into one container to fill it up, therefore reducing what must be a GIANT CARBON FOOTPRINT when one adds up the amount of restaurants in the Jack in the Box Chain, and the amount of Ketchup people use with those tasty curly fries!

Jack in the Box "non environment friendly" ketchup containers

Mr Box, I have a few questions now so I hope you can answer them for me.

#1 do you really save THAT much money using those plastic earth killing plastic containers filled with tiny amounts of ketchup that it’s worth the environmental damage that is done when they are thrown away.

#2 Do I really need to feel even MORE guilty knowing that I not only contributed to my pending heart attack by consuming the brilliant yet so deadly “Really Big Chicken Sandwich” , but am also contributing to the earths slow death (and mine) by eating so much ketchup from those plastic containers?  Thanks Jack I await your answer and I am sure you will be getting in contact with me soon via your fantastic PR people or your bastion of Lawyers …or maybe you can just drop me an e mail, we can catch a Chargers game together!

Thanks, Chris

PS Love the TV ad’s