Awesome “Nathans splitter-Bacon Death Burrito

The Kitchen Death Burrito !Bacon Death Burito

I love a challenge in the kitchen, like today when I was stuck at home nursing my back injury and my wife and kids split for the beach…Well hell, I am hungry but there is not much to eat at Chez Cognac! I take that as an Iron Chef or at least a Tinfoil Chef moment and rummage through the fridge and here is what I find.
1 Wheat Tortilla
2 Nathans hot dogs
3 slices thick sliced bacon
leftover beef chili
leftover green onions
shredded Cheese

Well, I guess since I have the tortilla I am making a burrito, I fry the bacon and split the hot dogs lengthwise and place them right into the bacon grease next to the dogs….fry them up till they get crispy!

Cover the tortilla with a smooth layer of the chili, the place the thick bacon, then the slit and now crispy Nathans dogs. Top with Shredded Cheddar and Green onions and  slight dollop of sour cream.

Oh yea, its so perfect, just roll it up and secure it in foil so you can eat the top end with out it falling all over the place….

EAT its tasty hear killing goodness, the snap pf the hot dogs and crunch of the smokey bacon….you are the lord of leftovers and no empty cupboard can stop you, for you are the master!

Enjoy, I know I did!


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