EatItalian….Wow, go there now!

Table next to cheese production area at EatItalian

fresh baked Italian breads

mmmmm Gelato

How have I not heard of let alone eaten at this fantastic Italian place in the middle of the industrial area of the unincorperated area of Gardena. I mean come on, who doesn’t go to “Chuys Tires” or “Bitches and Switches hydraulics  at least once a week. you don’t? Well neither to I and unless you frequent the grimy industrial area east of the 110 fwy around Alondra Blvd you are never gonna run into this place. Now that I have told you about it, read the rest of this on your iPad, get in the car and drive to 15500 Broadway in Gardena and get a table at EatItalian!

This place is the real deal! Inside the hospital clean white interior is an open kitchen including a pizzeria that makes ultra thin, burnt edge Italian style pizza with a vast list of toppings (I had artichoke , tomato and fresh mozzarella. Next to that is the pasta factory where a guy

guy making pasta inside

is handcrafting fresh pasta to be served with any number of sauces. I chose the carbonara which was to die for! The pasta was perfectly cooked and al dente, there were nice sized pieces of panchetta tossed in, the sauce was creamy yet smokey…it reminded me of the pasta I ate in the North End of Boston. Oh yea, not to be outdone, right next to the Pasta factory inside, is the Gelato factory…about 20 flavors, all fresh, flavors like biscotti or vanilla oreo. Did I mention that there is a cheese factory built into the place, when it starts soon it will be making fresh mozzarella and Parma cheeses! Ultra Thin Crust Italian Style Pizza

EatItalian has got it going on, the only thing I cant figure out is why in the hell did they out it in such a crappy area? Well who am I to complain cause its only 15 mins from my house (guess you now know I don’t live in Beverly hills).

I really , really recommend going to check this place out…its worth the trip and my iPhone pics don’t do it justice!


2 thoughts on “EatItalian….Wow, go there now!

  1. I don’t know what it is about family-style Italian restaurants, but all of my favorites have been in areas I wouldn’t be caught dead in otherwise. And the fact that we continue to go back means we’re willing to risk our safety and property for a good meal. Sign of a true foodie, I think.

    I dig the NY Style pizza crust – slightly charred on the sides and bottom . . . hell yes. I can feel the crunch from here.

    Thanks for the tip. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll pop in (but I’ll be calling you for backup just in case).

  2. Crappy area Q: simple — cheap building for sale, dual purpose permit, easing zoning, etc.

    The pizza isn’t NY style. It’s as thin as matzo, with nary a chew. Completely odd & disconcerting. The mozzarella salad was atrocious, with egg nog gelato being the saving grace.

    Looks like pasta + gelato is the only viable combo here. Service is leisurely but overall speed painful during lunch.

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