Ensenada Food and Wine “flip-flop” walking tour (with stop in a flea market kitchen)

Making amazing Quesadillas-Empanada in an Ensenada Flea Market
start off with shots at Papas and Beer

When most people think of Ensenada Mexico they think of “Hussongs” or Papa’s and Beer” or anyone of the other drink till you puke booze houses where the drinks are stiff and the women are loose. Well, Ensenada Mexico my friends has some pretty damn good stuff to eat and drink! So you ask, “Hey Chris, how do I find this fantastic food and drink”?…Well…walk…walk out of the tourist area (in the daytime of course) and you will find a multitude of fantastic street vendors and taco stands to choose from.

Taco's El Fenix , Ensenada Mexico

Start of course, at Hussongs or Papa’s and Beer cause well, you just have too! Then walk towards Juarez Ave and turn south…after a few blocks you will cross a bridge…on the left is a place with the most amazing shrimp tacos on the planet earth…cooked in lard, they are light and airy with a crunchy batter..This temple of the taco is called “Taco’s Mi Ranchito El Fenix”…go there, get a fish and a shimp taco…its a must! If you cruise up the street, you will notice cars blocking the street a few blocks up…this my friends is a flea market….and inside the flea market is a lady that makes “Huaraches” that look unreal with fresh cheese and red sauce…just a few stalls up from here is the quesadilla lady! She stuffs a light and airy dough with wonderful Mexican cheese and throws the whole thing in oil. It comes out piping hot, gooey and delicious..like if you stuffed a Krispy Kreme doughnut with cheese…Now make your way back to Ave Ruiz which is the main drag of Ensenada. Stop and get some “Elote” or fresh corn on a stick covered with mayo and hot sauce, or have a vendor with the giant clams turn it into ceviche and serve it back in the shell!

When you make it back to Ave Ruiz, look for Hussongs….when you get there, look across the street and you will see “Capricho’s”….go inside! Capricho’s is like a refuge of fine wine and food right in the heart of all the insanity! They have an amazing selections of find Mexican wines and organic cheeses. I recommend a wine from the Adobe Guadalupe vineyard in Guadalupe Valley, they are earthy tasty fat red’s that go great with meats! Also if you are a fan of stinky cheese, the cheese plate is insane at Capricho’s, featuring all local cheeses aged in a cellar outside Ensenada!Since Ensenada is a fishing town, see if they have the fish carpachio! My 14 yr old would describe it as OMG….its that good…citrus and herbs infused the delicate thinly sliced fish…it was so cool and refreshing, its a must eat!

fish carpachio at Capricho's
Capricho's cheese plate....amazing!

So….I know this article is a bit confusing and that’s the point…I am giving you a “guideline” for Ensenada….the point being that there is great stuff along the way to the destination….grab a pair of comfy flip flops, open your mind to trying some new stuff and start walking….I guarantee you are gonna find some great stuff to eat!