Facebook users fighting world hunger

Well I guess Mark Zuckerman is a seriously smart dude. He has found a way to help all of the cubicle dwelling , desktop addicted Facebook users do some good for the world.

It seams that 7-11 has partnered with Facebook to actually use and prepare food from all of the stuff grown by Farmville users. There is an entire section at 7-11 featuring food produced from Farmville! My mom is going to be so excited that all that time wasted on her computer playing Farmville is now serving a purpose…now if I can just get the Mafia Wars guys to wack that pesky Guy Fieri when I buy a cup of coffee there…


2 thoughts on “Facebook users fighting world hunger

  1. Those who continue to think that the big fuss we’ve been making about eating fresh and healthy food should really see this as an example of how things are changing. I never thought I’d see 7/11 or any convenience store carry sushi or fresh vegetables. I think this is fantastic, and certainly a sign of the times.

    Also, it shows just how out of it I am, personally. What the hell is Farmville?

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