Update on the Juan Carlos Cruz situation

I have been really torn about this. I feel the desire to believe he is innocent of everything and its just a big mix up. I have been dealing with news organizations wanting to interview me about Juan and talk about my feeling on the case and about him. I gave 1 interview to Good Morning America and have decided that at this time based upon the information I am receiving via various sources that its best if I just sit back and let this take its course without my comments. Maybe he just “snapped”…I don’t know…I am sure he is doing a lot of thinking in his cell right now. If he did do these things, he needs to be held accountable, that’s for sure !

This is the first time I have ever had a friend accused and involved in such a heinous crime. I am used to the whole “good guy/bad guy” thing….black and white….but now for me, things are a bit grey!


2 thoughts on “Update on the Juan Carlos Cruz situation

  1. Chris,

    I can’t begin to imagine how much this must be eating you up from the inside. Given what you do, and how close to him you were, it’s got to be very hard to deal with.

    I’ve always said there were certain friends that I felt were so much like brothers that I would help them bury a body if the situation ever presented itself. As funny a thought as that might be, I’d certainly have a “wake the f**k up moment” if that ever really happened.

    I hope when the facts are clearly presented you’re able to leave that gray area. I’ve been in those before and they’re highly uncomfortable.

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