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Well a quick blog while I am “off the eye” on a stakeout. Yesterday was a very long day of work (19 hrs). Long story short , the day started off with me eating healthy food from my favorite store “Fresh and Easy” (which is how I like my food and my ladies). The day went downhill from there with South Central LA Taco Bell and ending at Tacos Galivan in Huntington Park at 1 am.

Now Huntington Park is about the closest thing to actually being in Mexico without leaving Los Angeles. There are some bad ass ghetto style taco stands in HP . Some are set up in front of bars and others in front of rim ships and even one in a car dealers lot. There is a pleathora of amazing authentic Mexican food…including a place where you actually pick a live chicken out and “sentence it to death” then enjoy it’s tasty goodness.

Unfortunatly for me, I picked El Taco Galivan. I first tries the carnitas taco thinking that how could anyplace in HP mess up carnitas. Well the carnitas must have been trying to convert to “al
Pastor” cause it tasted like a cross between the two. The chicken was worse, nasty and dark with zero flavor. The asada sope was the only bright spot in an otherwise shitty late night barrio taco experience.

Would I try Tacos El Galivan again? Yea I will give it another shot because it was so late and close to closing time when I ate there , but if it sucks again, I am going to that “Chicken Death Row” place where I know the meat is fresh!


One thought on ““stakeout” iPhone barrio taco blog

  1. Wow, sorry you had to take another one for the team. I almost ate at the one on Washington Blvd (downtown LA) until I read uniformly bad reviews on chowhound.

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