The “healing” power of Pie, it just makes you feel good!

"The Hungry Detective" Pie by Beth Howard

A Pie Story

I met a woman yesterday named Beth Howard who makes pie. She makes pie because pie is how she is coping with the sudden loss of her husband. She decided that she needed something that felt “good”, something that made other people happy, in turn making her feel happy. Beth jumped in her RV with a friend and a camera and set off on an adventure across the west coast, making pie for strangers and seeing what happened. Well what happened is people discovered something Beth already knew, that Pie has “healing power”. It doesn’t have healing power in the traditional sense like an antibiotic of even Motrin, Pie “heals the soul”. It warms the heart from inside, it takes people back to a better time and it brings people together. Beth knows this and that is why she is baking pie’s, to help her “heal” by “healing” other people.

I looked into Beth’s eyes yesterday and saw into her soul (I know that’s heavy but its true). Beth needs Pie, and to tell you the truth, Pie needs Beth too. Beth needs Pie to give her direction, to focus her passion,  to help her remember and to help her forget. Pie needs Beth to help people do the same thing, and to remind people that Pie is warming to the soul, something which many of us have forgotten in this day and age. Pie is more than just a dessert (it was breakfast for me today) it is something more, something almost surreal. Pie is simple and complex at the same time, Pie doesn’t just fill the stomach, it fills the spirit as well.

Beth Howard Apple Pie for my Breakfast!

I don’t know where the next turn in the road for Beth’s Pie adventure will be, and at this point I don’t think she know either. I know that Beth will continue her journey into her own soul 1 pie at a time. I know that she will be alright, and that she will make the world a better place, 1 pie at a time.

Follow Beth’s adventures on her blog

Now its time for another slice of pie!


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