My Encounter with Encounter

I decided to have lunch in a spaceship today…Well it’s not really a spaceship but it sure looks like one!

Encounter is the restaurant in the world famous “theme building” at LAX. It’s got great views of the runway’s at LAX so you can get jealous of all the people leaving on vacation on the planes taking off (if you are lucky maybe you will see an A380 or maybe the Iron Maiden plane).

Now , after coming up one of coolest elevators with retro space music straight out of star trek. The food is well, how can I put this …you are paying for the view and cool decor, the food is secondary. I had a plate of Edamame in with sea salt and sesame with a nice ponzu but at $ 7.00 it was a bit pricey . The club sanwich (14.00) was decent, served with bib lettuce a healthy portion of avocado and nice quality turkey. The garlic fries, were serves hot and just crispy enough with fresh garlic and parmasean cheese.

The 13 dollar hamburger my friend had looked so-so served with pepper Jack cheese, he really liked it but would like cardboard on a bun. I noticed an overpriced flat iron steak as well as a couple of overpriced salads and pastas to round out the menu.

So, would I recommend going to Encounter?…yea at least once so you can say you ate there!


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