It just felt good to be alive, everything in the world was just “right”, including my Frittata!

The view from my seats, section B upper deck at Dodger Stadium

It was a “Great Day” yesterday!

You know those days when everything just seems to go “right”. The kind when you get up in the morning and the coffee is extra good, the egg frittata  you make out of leftover garlic fries, sandwich ham and bacon is utterly fantastic and you would serve it in a restaurant. Well I had one of those days yesterday, a day where it just felt good to be alive, where everything went “right”. My morning started with me having nothing “real” to cook for breakfast, so I did what I always do in that situation, I considered it a “challenge” and went for some Iron Chef action in my kitchen. I had some left over frozen “Trader Joe’s Garlic Fries”, so I threw em in a hot pan with bit of olive oil. Next I fried up some bacon, some leftover “lunch meat” ham (the cheap kind from the store) and whipped up 5 eggs with milk. Dumped a bunch of 99 cent store chopped garlic into the eggs, then took everything and dumped it into the skillet over the garlic fries. I topped it off with some cheddar cheese and popped it in the oven for 20 min. It came out with just the right texture, a bit browned on the top…and TASTY AS HELL!

My "Leftover's Frittata"

Stubhub Jackpot!

You may or may not know that my family loves to go to sports games. We have season tickets for the L.A. Kings (NHL) and Chivas USA (MLS) and I was season ticket holder for the San Diego Chargers (NFL) until this year (drive was just too long). So we were messing around on (great place to score tickets) and I searched for the Laker’s playoff game for today (yesterday as I am writing this in the morning) just to laugh and see how expensive they were. Well I just about hit the floor when I found a pair of seats for 40 bucks each..these are LAKER PLAYOFF tickets folks….REGULAR Laker tickets go for way more than that, so my Laker fanatic wife Martha told me to snap them up, so we did. Long story short, Martha went with Matthew (our 13 yr old), Lakers won and fans got tacos from Jack in the Box too! Well I now had to deal with our 9 yr old Gabe all day, so I checked Stubhub and got upper deck seats for the Dodger game for $1.00…yea a buck (plus stupid service charges). Gabe and I went to Dodger stadium and it was an absolutely beautiful day…perfect for a ballgame. We could see the whole field and the hills around Dodger stadium from our seats! We had some tasty Dodger Dogs, basked in the sun and watched the Dodgers DESTROY the Pirates! I had not felt so relaxed in a long, long time. I didn’t have a care in the world other than spending some quality time with Gabe. It felt so good just to be alive, so good to be with my son, so good that the Dodgers were kicking the living crap out of the Pirates. I got some great bonding time with Gabe and before we knew it the game was over 9-3 Dodgers victory! The whole experience reminded me of when I was a boy and the Dodgers had great like Ron Cey, Steve Garvey and my boy Fernando Valenzuela.

It seams like those days come all to rarely now a days, so I just wanted to share it with any of you reading this. I hope you can have a day like I just had someday soon, it reminded me its great to be alive! My friend Alton is coming out here soon, I think I will take him to a Dodger game, I am sure he can use a day like I just had!

Gabe at the Dodger game

2 thoughts on “It just felt good to be alive, everything in the world was just “right”, including my Frittata!

  1. Sweet! U gotta send me that recipe for frittata, ive never heard of it and it sounds awesome. im a big garlic fan.

    1. Just take the potatoes or fries and put them in the bottom of the skillet, then mix up raw eggs, whatever meats you choose, some garlic and onion of you like…season with pepper, then pour it all into the hot skillet. Put in the oveen for about 20 mins, top with cheese and put in for 5 more…let it cool and slice it up!

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