Olive Garden Lasagna Frita

Ok I am trying a quick blog from my iPhone here. Went to Olive Garden for lunch today (yea I know so don’t bother with the hate mail). Well they had this new appetizer called ” Lasagna Fritta” it’s Parmesan breaded lasagna pieces that are fried then topped with marinara sauce and places onto an Alfredo sauce covered plate. Well it sounded good and you know what, it was good! The dish had great texture contrast of crunchy fries pasta and creamy gooey cheesy inside. I felt guilty as hell when I smeared my portion around in Olive Gardens fantastic Alfredo sauce…come on, even you serious foodies know that Olive Garden has a great Alfredo sauce …so bottom line on this, it wa a tasty and creative starter and for $9.99 a decent deal…


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