Guilty from all the butter


Man, I feel so bad about last night..I was at Fleming’s at L.A. Live for the 5-6-7 Happy Hour and ordered the amazing “BBQ Shrimp”. Its not really “BBQ” in the pure sense, but comes in a bath of cajun butter, with a piece of wonderful crusty bed floating in the island of butter. Well, the shrimp were gone and the butter was left so what was I to do? It was calling me by name, “Chris…Chris…you know you want me”! So, fat ass butter loving foodie that I am, I went for it! Damn…it was frigging delicious, artery clogging spicy butter goodness…before I knew it the “island of bread” was gone…but there was still more butter, so what was I to do?…”Fuck it” I said to myself, and I asked the bus boy for another loaf of bread…and proceeded to dip it in the ramekin of garlic butter at the table, before dipping it into the melted cajun butter. When the butter and my 2nd martini was gone, I left,  with a tinge of guilt and a smile on my butter smeared face…knowing that I had lost the “battle of the butter”, but knowing I had won as well….now I wish I could say the same for the L.A. Kings which is where I went after the butter fest…Stupid Kings, how dare you lose!



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